This site was inspired by my wanting to have a personal repository of code snippets, and other tips and tricks that I can easily share. Some of these snippets were originally copied from other open sources. Some have been heavily modified for my clients’ needs, and some were written by me.

Everything you find here is free for you to copy, use, modify, mangle, or whatever you desire.

One caveat, though, I can’t promise that any or all of this will work in your particular application.  Be cautious and always back your sites up before doing anything!

In the true spirit of the WordPress community, I’m always happy to share what I am constantly learning. However, I’m more passionate about creating things than supporting them, and my work load is such that I often don’t have time to offer free support. So, I may or may not be able to help you if you have an issue. And I may not have time to tend to this site every day.

Copy, share, code on!


Oh, and my portfolio site, in case you’re interested, is DianaNichols.com.

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