Developer's Roundtable Notes

Session: 15 Things You Can Do Without a Plugin

Add Google Fonts

Enqueue Google Fonts with a function:


Custom Read More Link

Create a custom “read more” link at the end of each post.


Allow HTML in Excerpts

WordPress strips all code from excerpts. This will let you make them more readable.


Remove Pages from Admin Menu

Hide unnecessary pages from users


Remove Emoji Support

For sites where they aren’t used, don’t load the extra scripts


Custom Login Error Handling

Remove the hints, and customize the error message.

Or, just send them to the front end. (Handy if your login is on a page)


Allow Shortcodes in Widgets


Custom Excerpt Length

Create a custom length for certain locations or post types.


Add Content to the End of Each Post


Get the Word Count of Posts


Display a List of Categories


Hide WordPress Version in Header

Remove the WordPress version from your site’s header.

Or, better yet – remove it from everywhere.

Thanks, Kate, for the suggestion!

Allow Users with Duplicate Emails


Add a Custom Avatar

Then create your image and upload the file to wp-content/themes/yourtheme/images/avatar.jpg (you can name it anything you want).

Remove Width and Height from Images

Make all your images responsive by removing the width and height added by WordPress.


Allow PHP in a Text Widget


Redirect Non Admin Users to the Front End


Change Password Change Email


Add Custom Text in the Admin Footer


Add Links to the End of a Menu

Another example


What to Do with Your Functions

Put them in your functions.php file?

Create a site specific plugin?

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