Developer's Roundtable Notes

Session: About Me

From the Wayback Machine


My first computer. Note the lack of monitor, hard drive, even floppy drive.

BASIC programs were stored on cassette tapes!


Me and the Internet

The very first website (1992):



By the time I got on the bandwagon, there were about 25,000 websites (1995).

I Am

Mid-Level PHP programmer

DIY by nature

Fanatic about Elegance

and Open Source

and Creating Things

and Empowerment


I do

create Custom Themes

create Custom Plugins

borrow, customize, and write code


I don’t

publish themes or plugins

I’m Also

Director of Inspiration
and Maker of Things

since 1995


WordPress Ninja-In-Training
since 2008


Mother to 3 wonderful children
and grandmother to 5 absolutely amazing grandchildren!


One of the real beauties of WordPress is that there are almost always several different ways to achieve any goal.

Which you choose will usually depend on your preference and your skills.

My bias is usually towards DIY, which has advantages and disadvantages.

By doing it myself, I have a fuller understanding of exactly what’s going on, which makes me better at troubleshooting and debugging.

Sometimes, though, it means that I re-invent the wheel, and don’t leverage the WP core as well as I could.

All that to say that my way is not the only – or even the best – way. It’s just mine. And it changes all the time.

Some of the things I did even a year ago often embarrass me today.

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